Part Exchange

Part-exchanging your vehicle is the most popular method of getting yourself into a newer vehicle.

Here’s a hassle-free guide to part-exchanging…

What is Part-Exchange?

To put it simply, part-exchanging means using the value of your current vehicle to go towards the cost of a new one. For example, your current vehicle is valued at £8,000, and the vehicle you wish to purchase is priced at £12,000. That means you only need to pay £4,000 towards the new one, otherwise known as “price to change.”

What’s my vehicle worth?

Can I part-exchange my vehicle?

In the vast majority of cases, you can part-exchange your vehicle no matter how old it is or the condition it is in. However, there are certain criteria that will affect its valuation, such as faults, service history, how much MOT is left and so on.

Can I part-exchange my vehicle with Anglo Scottish Vehicles?

Yes! We’ll take pretty much in any vehicle as part-exchange, even if its is worth more than the the one you want to buy.

At Anglo Scottish Vehicles, we make part-exchanging easy. Unlike other dealers, we will give you the best valuation first time round, which you can use against any vehicle available for sale on our website. We can even value your vehicle over the phone, or by email.  Contact us now.

What if I have outstanding finance on my current vehicle?

Depending on the type of finance you’ve taken, in most cases, you can still change vehicle and carry over any outstanding finance onto your next one. We will settle the finance on your old vehicle on your behalf. Contact us for further information.

What are the advantages of part-exchanging my vehicle?

The main advantage of part-exchanging your vehicle is convenience. it’s as quick and simple! What’s more, you can part-exchange your vehicle even if you have outstanding finance, which you can’t do if selling privately (you have to clear any outstanding finance if you wish to sell privately).

What are the disadvantages of part-exchanging my car?

The main disadvantage of part-exchanging is you might not get as much for your old vehicle as if you sold it privately. Of course, with selling privately comes the hassle of time-wasters and chancers trying to get it as cheaply as possible. But then, there’s always car buying services that will buy it off you, no quibbles. However, it’s very rare that you will get a better valuation from these services than just part-exchanging, especially with us.

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