Buying Advice

Our dedicated and professionally trained team is committed to ensuring you make the right choice for your next vehicle purchase. Whether it be a fleet of vans for delivering sandwiches or a shiny new BMW to reward yourself for a recent success, our guide will help you to narrow down exactly what you should go for. 

1. Establish a budget

The first step in choosing a new vehicle should always be deciding how much you're willing to spend. This will save you time in the long run, making it easy to rule out things that simply don't fit the bill.

While some are in the enviable position to buy outright for cash, it's worth remembering that ongoing costs such as insurance, road tax and routine maintenance need to be accounted for, too, and it's worth having a contingency plan for unexpected repairs.

2. Choose the right scheme

All of our team are highly skilled and are on hand to offer you the information on all products available to you, this will allow you to make an informed choice.

As well as funding for the vehicle  itself, we will help you accommodate the ongoing costs of things such as insurance, road tax and, of course, fuel. There's also regular servicing to be accounted for, while occasional repairs can crop up, so the warranty / guarantee is extremely important to know!

It also pays to be realistic about how long you’re planning to keep your vehicle. If you intend to keep it for only a few years and then sell it on, it’s definitely worth choosing something that’ll be worth as much as possible when you come to sell it.

There is a plethora of different funding schemes available which can make the whole process seem very daunting! Whether it's a Personal Contract Purchase (PCP), Hire Purchase (HP) agreement or a Contract Hire (CH), our experts will find the right solution for you and ultimately make sure you know exactly how much you can afford to repay each month.

3 .Consider the vehicle’s suitability for your purpose

You should consider carefully about what you’ll use your vehicle for. Ask yourself “What will be its main purpose and what does i need it to predominantly to do? Try to focus away from the price and concentrate more on how you will get the most effective use from it. This is particularly important if purchasing for a business, which most of our clients do.

Whether to buy with a petrol or diesel-engine should not depend on the amount of driving your vehicle will do, but the purpose for which you intend to use your vehicle for. Diesels are more expensive to buy, yet generally have better fuel economy than petrols, so if you do a lot of miles annually, a diesel may be the most sensible option. If you’re more likely to use the your vehicle  as a runabout and typically do fewer miles, petrol  is usually better. Also think about hybrid / electric vehicles. Technology in this area is improving day by day and not only becoming more popular, but also more affordable. In some cases you can also still obtain government grants and will usually benefit from reduced vehicle excise duty (VED).

Think carefully about what bodystyle you want, especially if you are choosing some thing for commercial usage such as a van or delivery truck.

4. Safety

All vehicles have to meet tough safety legislation, but some brands offer systems such as autonomous emergency braking (which uses sensors to monitor for a potential collision and can apply the brakes) and blind-spot monitoring, which exceed mandatory requirements.

Where cars are concerned, have a look at how well your last vehicle performed in tests by Euro NCAP, the independent body that judges safety. Cars are rated out of five stars and any model that achieves fewer than four is considered below standard. These days, some cars are awarded two sets of stars. One refers to the level of protection offered by the car in standard form, while the other is based on how well the car does in tests when fitted with extra safety systems, such as autonomous emergency braking.

5. Where we differ from buying from a dealer 

The major advantage to buying from us is that we take a large amount of the hassle out of buying for you. All of our vehicles are sourced from reputable sources and fully checked before we supply.  

Whilst its true that dealers have knowledgeable staff and offer strong aftersales support they usually specialise in just one, or maybe two, manufacturers, so they employ staff with expertise in these specific brands. We have years of experience covering all makes and models and unlike dealers, do not have hefty manufacturer sales targets to achieve (especially when it comes to selling optional extras, that you might not necessarily want or need) Some pushier salespeople may also try to add extras without explaining their true cost until the last minute. 

Our buying power is strong so we can can get you significant discounts! Don’t worry if you have something to part exchange as we can take care of that too!

6. Our process is transparent

We pride ourselves on making the whole process simple and transparent, making sure you have a clear and final price – both for the vehicle itself and the payment method. If you’re buying pre-owned, we make sure that all the relevant documentation is supplied, service history, V5.

Years of experience teaches us that most complaints are intimated by customers not being made aware of any hidden costs or  being treated fairly.